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Regenerative Medicine is the process of generating new cells to replace diseased cells.

Early known use of Cell therapy dates back to 1930 by Swiss physician, Dr. Paul Niehans. Dr. Niehans intended to use cell therapy to slow the aging process.  His works was known on famous historical figures like Pope Pius XII, Charlie Chaplin and King Saud. He injected cells of young animals into his patients in an attempt to rejuvenate them.

Nowadays, The field of regenerative medicine has became much more sophisticated. The cells are isolated from human embryonic or placental tissues engineered to prevent rejections in the recipient candidates.

The use of cell therapy deliver great promises of replacing diseased tissues and organs by stimulating the bodies own repair process to heal tissues that had irreversible damage.

In Podiatry, Regenerative medicine has shown successful results in healing Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Ligament Injury (Ankle Sprain ) and Posterior Tibialis Tendinitis that are resistant to conventional treatment methods. Moreover, it showed successful results in Wound Healing as it regenerate new skin.

Today we can inject the therapeutic cells to these damaged tissues. These cells are capable of transforming and differentiating into  specialized cells that replaces the damaged ones. They are also capable of activating the body’s healing mechanism to restore them into functioning tissues.

Moreover, regenerative medicine shown successful results in replacing many surgeries that used to depends on cadaver tissues to replace the patients damaged tissues. This allowed for many recoveries avoiding surgeries and the complications of surgeries.

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